Six-Gun Select® Troubleshooting Guide

General Troubleshooting

Problem Possible Cause Possible Solution
JOSHUA Version goes to Operator Menu immediately after boot PARALLELL PORT MODE in the BIOS is set incorrectly Connect a keyboard and press Del during boot to open the CMOS Setup Utility. Select Integrated Peripherals and set Parallel Port Mode to EPP. (Click for detailed instructions)
Gun Flashes but no shots register on screen Missing ESD blocker
Bad gun module (ACT LABS)
Make sure that an ESD blocker is installed between the module and the gun, and that the ESD blocker is properly grounded when mounted.
Module is new but gun does not Work Faulty solder on gun PCB Check the Gun trigger PCB. Some of the old style guns & triggers had a problem with over-travel that can cause the solder to the PCB to become separated. Make sure that the GUN PCB has no broken or cold solder.
Gun does not register on the screen at all Bad trigger board solder on the gun Some of the older guns that were released had an over-travel, causing the solder on the PCB to break off. Replace with new style trigger and re-solder the post on the PCB.
Disk Boot Failure The system has crashed Reload the game starting with the Emergency Recovery CD. For Windows version, load the game disk. JOSHUA version has only one CD with both the Operating System and the Game.
Game comes up with CHECKING FOR DONGLE message Dongle is loose or faulty Make sure dongle is properly connected. Turn off the game, unplug the dongle, plug it back in and power on the game. If the dongle is faulty, contact your distributor to have the dongle replaced.