LED Light Strips

LED Light strips connect to +12 VDC Power and Ground.  You can use either Single-Color or Multi-Color Light Strips, shown below, in your cabinet. LED light strips can be cut to the length needed, but cut only on the white cut line between the terminals, as shown in the pictures below.  Each segment contains two or three LEDs, depending on the light strip type. Power and ground leads can be soldered to either end of the LED light strip. Secure the LED light strip in place with the double-stick tape pre-installed on the back of the strip.

Single-Color LED Light Strip emits only one color.  It has one terminal for 12 VDC power and one for ground.

Multi-Color LED Light Strip can be red, blue, green, or a mix, depending on which terminal is connected to ground (R, G, or B).  For white light, ground all three color terminals.

LED Light Strip Replacement Steps

To avoid electrical shock, unplug the cabinet before servicing lighting components.

The following are general steps for replacing the LED light strips:

  1. Turn off the cabinet and disconnect the AC power cord. 
  2. If the light is under a cover or speaker grill, remove the screws securing the cover or grill.
  3. If the light has a 4-pin PC power connector, disconnect it from the power harness.
  4. If there is no connector, snip the wires and splice them to the wire leads from the new light. 
  5. Carefully pull the light strip off of the cabinet; it is secured with adhesive.
  6. Remove the protective backing from the adhesive on the new LED light strip and install it by reversing the removal steps.