Key BIOS (CMOS) Settings
For Games with CS35TL Motherboard

The table below shows the key BIOS settings for for all games with a CS35TL motherboard.
Games include: SIX GUN SELECT, VORTEK, PUP, and gvrSX™.
This procedure does not apply to VORTEK games with the Graphite computer.

Click here for detailed instructions on using the CMOS Setup Utility to set the BIOS.

  1. Press the DEL key during boot to enter the CMOS Setup Utility.
  2. Select Load Optimized Defaults from the Main Menu.
  3. Set the settings shown in the table below.
  4. When finished, press F10 or select Save and Exit and press Enter. Select YES to confirm.
Menu Item Setting
Standard CMOS Features Halt On No Errors
Advanced BIOS Features First Boot Device CDROM
  Second Boot Device Hard Disk
  Third Boot Device Disabled
Integrated Peripherals PWR Lost Resume State Turn On