VORTEK Multi-Game System
Recommended Order for Game Software Installation

When installing games on a VORTEK system, you must install games in the order shown below. OPERATION BLOCKADE must be installed first, then the BEACH HEAD games and INCOMMING, and then INVASION EARTH. DESERT GUNNER, the newest VORTEK game title, must be installed last, as it uses newer drivers that would be overwritten by drivers in the older games.

Note: If you have the three-disk Game Install set that includes Sky Bandits the games will automatically install in the correct order.

VORTEK will display a maximum of six game titles in the Game Menu. If you install all seven titles, you must disable one from Game Selection in the Operator Menu. By default, the software will disable the last game installed.

Recommended Game Installation Order:
  2. BEACH HEAD 2000, 2002, & 2003 DESERT WAR, and INCOMMING (in any order)
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