Aliens Extermination Patch Disk

This patch updates the Aliens Extermination game software to remove some offensive language:

 Instructions for Creating the Patch Disk (Windows-Based Systems Only):

      Download the File

Note: The procedure for creating the patch disk was tested on systems running Windows XP, but should work on other Windows operating systems.

  1. Click the link above to download a file named Aliens_Patch_Disk.exe.
    Save the file to a convenient location on your hard drive.
  2. Aliens_Patch_Disk.exe is a self-extracting archive containing the set of files that make up the patch disk.
    Double-click Aliens_Patch_Disk.exe to extract the archived files. It will create a folder on your C drive named AliensPatch.
  3. Write all of the files inside the folder named AliensPatch to a blank CD-ROM using any CD burning software.
    (Do not write the folder named AliensPatch to the CD, only the files and folders inside it.)

    The top-level directory of your CD should look like the following picture:

  4. Put the CD in your Aliens Extermination System Computer with the game running in Attract Mode. The patch will run automatically.
  5. When prompted, remove the CD and power cycle the game.
  6. Play a game to verify proper operation.

If you prefer to order a free patch disk by mail, contact your local GLOBAL VR® distributor, or e-mail (be sure to include your name, company name, complete address, and cabinet serial number).

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